Saturday, 31 March 2012

St Luke Hospital. Huddersfield. Trip One. Derelict Places.

Cannon 600D Manual. Main Building.
St Luke's Hospital started its shut down process in 2007 and closed to the public in 2011. Mainly providing Neuro Rehabilitation Care, Occupational Therapy, Post Cardiac Disease Rehabilitation and care for the mentally unwell.  Open firstly in 1872 as Crossland more Work House. The Crosland Moor workhouse, designed by John Kirk, was located at the south side of Barton Road (now Blackmoorfoot Road) at the south-west of Huddersfield. Its opened Friday 9th August 1872. Now abandoned and rotting, the hospital is one of the most chilling places i have ever been. I have still yet to explore certain areas of the location, but what i came across was haunting. I genuinely felt terror, and i think this essence has seeped into my images. I truly felt what i was photographing. Im thinking of a derelict project, as it follows on from my work from Antwerp Mansion and would satisfy my craving for exploring timelessness. 
Cannon 600D Manual. Back Buildings.
Cannon 600D Manual. Corridor. 

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