Sunday, 4 March 2012

Henk Van Rensbergen. Photographer.

Nothing But Colours 1. Tired Wardrobe. 
Beautiful Black And White. Philadelphia Power Station.

With no over exaggeration, my heart leaped when I first looked at the work of Henk.  Specialising in photographing abadnoned forgotten places, he really captures the ruin and emptiness thats within the locations he explores. This is every inspiration I have been looking for. Each image is as an exciting and as new as the last, and I adore the rich colour and texture and the gorgeous tones of his black and white work along side his colour work. They both conceal a different element. They make me wonder about the location, they make me want to be in that location. The way in which he captures his subject is key perfect and I am nothing but an admirer to his work.  Amen!

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