Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blacklight Gallery. Studio Workshop. Photographing Cameras For Sale In The Shop. Work Experience.

Studio. Canon 600D.

Studio. Canon 600D.
Studio. Canon 600D

Studio. Canon 600D.
Studio. Canon 600D.

Studio. Canon 600D

ECA & MMU Exchange Project. (Ongoing)

Oliver Benton. (ECA) Wed 8th Feb 2012
I am currently involved in an exchange project with several other students from my course and other students attending ECA in Scotland. The idea of the project is that you are paired in a partner, and that you with digitally send work to one another so the other can respond to it how he or she pleases. This was the first image i received from my partner, Oliver Benton which automatically made me think of the powerful mixture of light and colour in response to his image which i interpreted into a theme of light and pattern. 
My Response. (MMU) Wed 15th Feb 2012
Oliver Benton. (ECA) Wed 22nd Feb 2012
My Response. (MMU) Wednesday 29th Feb 2012

{EVOLVE} @ Antwerp Mansion. Jan-Feb 2012.

Evolve at Antwerp Mansion. One of the best experiences I have had this year so far. The Art/Music event was an event curated by third year students to help raise money for their degree show. The submissions were open to all years, and I was thrilled to be a part of it. I got to grips with helping to promote the event by flyering and also selling tickets, also by manning the stall on the night of the event. The call for submissions were based on the theme evolve, because of the evolution of the venue. Even from start to finish I witnessed the transformation from venue to gallery. The experience was amazing. I enjoyed working with new people and trying my hand at my first out of Uni exhibit. 
Polaroid. 600 film. Derelict Environments. Growth and Evolve in Reverse.  6 prints. Float Mounted. (will eventually put bigger pictures of the prints on...) I started to shoot in black and white, but decided to switch to colour as you were able to witness more detail within the small frame. Polaroid only gives you so much to work with ya'no...
My final Pieces for Evolve. Set of Polaroids of derelict enviroments. Thinking of evolve as a period of time in reverse. Focusing on the backwards effects of growth and evolution. Colour Prints 600 film. You wouldn't believe the effort i went through for these images. Includes Antwerp Mansion, Huddersfield and Manchester locations.

Colour Blocking The Link.

Cholagraph Print based on derelict buildings. Study of texture. Using glue gun, rigged card and ribbed wall paper.
Vibrent colour, I felt it was necessary to submit this print to the Colour block exhibition to the link gallery. (2012).

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Light Pattern.

In appearance and pattern, this Polaroid (600 film colour) I took using the dark and lights, reminded me of Zee. Creating patterns using elements of the senses such as sight. Although this has no epileptic warnings on it. 

Zee - Kurt Hentschläger.

This is back dating to last year, I realised five seconds ago that I had forgotten to express my view and give an evaluation of Zee.
Zee by Kurt Hentschläger. ZEE (2008) is an audiovisual installation for artificial fog, stroboscopes, pulse lights and a synchronized sound-scape by Kurt Hentschläger (Austria/USA)

As part as the Liverpool trip last year (2011) I also visited the FACT Gallery to not really view but to experience this "near death experience". Even though it has been some time since I experienced this happening, I still feel like I can't put the whole experience into words only into muddled sentences. On entering Zee, I was asked to fill in a form to show that I was entering at my own risk, also the prep talk by one of the gallery employes made me feel extremely nervous. 
On entering the black, thick, filled foggy room I guided my hand onto the rope to my right and proceeded to walk deeper and deeper into what only could be described as a medley of flashing lights and smoke. Every step I took felt as if I was entering deeper and deeper into something that I couldn't explain. Each rhythm of geometric patterned light that was forcing its way into my mind made me feel as if I wasn't properly there. Like I was somewhere else, like I had been eaten by this fog and that I had vanished. It can only be described as an experience. Nothing more and nothing less.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hipstamatic Contest. Hope.

The contest is over. I came 13th out of thousands. Not to bad I guess. The hype is now over.



Silver Shade 600 film.
My Favourite flutter. My favourite feeling...Are Butterflies called Butterflies because they steal butter?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Digital. Lost Photographs.

Pembrokeshire. Digital (Nikon D60) Sunset Lens Filter.
Waterfall. Digital (Nikon D60)
Droplets and Grass. Digital (Nikon D60)
Flower. Digital (Nikon D60)
Liverpool Grannies. Digital (Nikon D60). 
Macclesfield Factory, Dead Environments. Digital (Nikon D60)
Rainbow Picture. Digital (Nikon D60)

Lomography. Pembrokeshire.

Diana. 120Film. Colour Negative/Black and White. No Flash.


Its come to my attention that "REAL photographers" have more loath towards the Iphone app-Hipstamatic than if a tractor ran over their precious SLR. After entering the BIG Hipstamatic contest, based on hope and finishing 13th, i have found the overall opinion of the app available to download, as some what illegal. Personally i have my experience with digital, classic black and white, and alternative exploring ways to creating an image,I can't understand the difference between an automatic filter or the one that someone would Photoshop in after? Is it because the Iphone isn't a manual camera? I found a really interesting story based on a photojournalist called, Damon Winter, who created a series of award winning images using the app in Afghanistan with the American troops. These images created such a controversy from photographers, who i think feel threatened by such technology. Surely there is more to the image other than what equipment you use, I strongly believe, being a fan of Hipstamatic or even if i was not, that the true talent comes from the photographer...Not the equipment.
Damon Winter.
Each photograph is beautifully constructed in the sense of composition and depth.  Resources below follow some stories about the controversial photographs. I believe technology is forever going to be evolved. Capture with what you have in your pocket or what you can get your hands on. You will sure cause a stir.

One of my own prints. Evolve.Lens: John SFilm: BlankoFlash: Off
"Does it really matter what camera Damon Winter used to make these beautifully composed images? Few people care what kind of typewriter Hemingway used."