Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Evolve. Antwerp Mansion.

My current idea for my work involved in the Antwerp Mansion exhibit, is the total of 6-8 dreamy yet derelict polaroids of derelict enviroments. These environments wishing and "dreaming" of being evolved, also stating that evolve is just a moment in time...fast forward and re wind. 

Hipstamatic Contest. Hope.

A five day contest from Hipstamatic. The voting for all their contests are  via Facebook and Twitter.
I find this easy to access, because its on my phone, and i cant help checking my ranking every ten minuets.  The theme of the contest being "Hope", i decided to entire my most recent image "Wonderland". When i think of hope, it becomes something that simply isn't real. Its another world or a fantasy. Its not something you can touch but only believe in...much like a fairytale. I believe that photography lets me see what i want to see. If i want to see beyond what i am looking at, it shows me a "Wonderland". Hope is beyond what i can feel, witness and believe...so my camera finds it for me.





"Sweet shop"

"The house on the edge of the park"

A simple walk home can be so magical, we are truly blessed to have this world.  I want to take my photography on a different route...I wish to lock up my SLR and throw away the key. There are other ways to capture a moment.
Lens-John S

Painting in Progress.

Meaningless painting. Gypsy2.
I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to just...paint. She is independence and good fortune.

Looking Up.

Embarking on a journey through the camps.
After the a few trail and errors to put up our team work of Sunography sky (the weather was to cold so things just would not stick, foam tape seemed to work) the class embarked on a journey through out the campus to view one an others work. I please in the sense that i could just see people walking out to our location, and looking
dreamy eyed at our work. I thought the overall outcome of the piece was a success,after we had the entire piece laminated it became weather proof and has lasted a while. I enjoyed this short brief because it was something different, out of the class room, and everyone seemed to be really involved. The process of exposing the paper around different
aspects of the campus meant that we were able to collect different areas from different locations and place them in one particular place. The idea of seeing if others could witness any images or shapes in the piece made it more interactive and to have its specific purpose. I can't help but wonder what effect this piece would have on the viewers if on a larger scale. I imagine it would generate a much stronger impact which would be overwhelming and magnificent.
Just simply lovely. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Site Project. Idea & Experiments.

We propose to place something were its should not be, but somewhere where it belongs.
What does site mean to you? Well to me its a location or place
where there are happenings or no happenings. Does it have to be called a site
when there is none there to call it that? No one lives in the sky, yet it still has a name.
To take a site and turn it into something that its not supposed to be, to recreate it artificially on a different "site".For this project we (my group and myself) wish to use the subject to create the 
subject. By using Sonography paper, we can us the sun to imprint clouds in an usual form of photography. This is then to be displayed according to the skies natural position. (from above). For people to lie under. Another idea  which has recently come to mind, is if these formations of clouds were purposely structured to represent images or objects. "Watching the pictures form in the clouds." For the actual site, underneath the Holden Gallery came to mind. 

So what exactly is this wonder paper? 

The cyanotype is made up of two solutions. 

  • Potassium ferricyanide and Ferric ammonium citrate (green) are mixed with water separately.
  • The two solutions are then blended together in equal parts.
To print on this paper..
  • Objects or negatives are placed on the material to make a print. The cyanotype is printed using UV light, such as the sun, a light box or a UV lamp.

Unlike photographs set in silver, like in black and white photography, cyanotypes are using a solution of iron compounds.

This type of photography type paper comes from what builders use-Blue prints. Possible devices used
for exposing images onto sunography paper using UV light (the sun) would be drawings or images printed onto clear transparencies or acetate, objects to mimic a photogram effect, lace, x-rays or any medium that light
can seep through.
A Few Trail and Errors.

Using Negatives.
I used some lomography negatives to expose onto a sheet, unfortunately
this has not worked at all. The negatives a too dark and resulted in just two blocks of blue.
I would need brighter negatives with less black space.
Using objects.
A few coins, a light bulb, a button and pen on translucent plastic. As i am able to tell from this
experiment, you start to understand the importance to what works and doesn't.
Different object create a different or alternative shade to solid objects, ie, the lightbulb.
By using fluffed up pieces of cotton wool, a some what "cloud effect". To add to these quick testers, the longer you leave your print exposed to UV the more intense
your print becomes. As you can see compared to the other prints, successful and none successful, this was left for less amount of time.
Time ranging from 7-12 mins.
Toning to sepia by using water and tea bags. Seven tea bags in less water creates
a stronger brew, which gives you a range of intensities. Maybe not for this projects, but defiantly something to experiment with in the future. 
Left for 5 mins.
Left for 15 mins. 

Or you could just make the best of your mistakes.
Sunography, biro and pencil crayon. 

A Negative Isn't Always a Negative.

On the spot experiment. A lomography negative of the landscape held up to the light bulb in the ceiling.
Warm and amber.  This 5 second idea could one day be something more.
Different negatives...different coloured lights?
Mind in overdrive!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Myyoung Ho Lee. Lens Culture.

Tree3. From the series Photography act 2007.
This photography/installation piece by South Korean photographer, Myyoung Ho Lee was created under
four acts. Firstly the selection of the subject. Separation of the subject. Photographing and lastly
the confirmation of the separation.  (Taken from the description towards her this work)
This collection of work has focused its self on collecting the natural out of its environment
the artificially putting it back.
It creates this illusion and pulls on the strings of nature itself. A powerful
source which he has twisted and tricked into only "looking" like nature.
The aspects which come to mine when looking at this photograph, is has he put it back? Or has he simply
imposted onto the landscape to trick it. Think of nature as an individual not just a source.

The Photography Act is as described-" The challenge of 'Photography-Act' is deep. Because 'Photography-Act' is not a real subject but a decontextualized and isolated variant from the subject, and is a real subject and nonsubject simultaneously." Ho Lee.
It is what it is basically. But at the same time...it isn't.


David T Waller.

Rainbow Rug!
An installation piece by artist Dvid T Waller. Car Atlas Rainbow-Instaltion assorted toy cars.
The construction and acknowledgment that has influenced this piece has come from the man made world.
 BUT only smaller! The process of turning something in to something else in an original and unique way. 
An installation piece by artist Dvid T Waller. Car Atlas Rainbow-Instaltion assorted toy cars.
2,500 Toy cars.

Woven Moments. Digital Print.
Miss placing the natural. Interpreting it into something it simply isn't.
Art work that gives you a headache.
Relating to my site project as inspiration of a responsive answer to
changing the environment.
Changing its location and form.

Personal Success. Anorexic Story. Film piece.

This film piece produced by the group project mentioned further down became
a recreation into the live of a real anorexic story from a (unknown name) girl
via the blog site Tmblr. It ambiguity and secretively reflects the real life situation
of the illness. The film was set to play on loop to reconstruct the never ending cycle
of the disease and how hard it is to break. Including the triggers and over all context
of the personal success of anorexia.


Site Project.

At the end of the Autumn term, apart form being stupidly happy about the holidays,
we were given a brief, or more of a challenge, the site project.
I did find the brief a little mid boggling at first, but came to my conclusion
of responding to a specific site anywhere on the All Saints
Campus. I have kept myself awake for a few nights now, with my mind working over drive 
to decide what would be a simple, beautiful idea that would be possible in one
week. So alas! To tie in with my themed work media of photography, i made a
start to think of the possibilities i could do with this media.
I have become very loving to the idea of perception.
This caused another spider diagram to appear in my mind, and the need to
explore each idea individually became essential.
The mood of the work has become a point, humour? Something deep
and meaning full? Do i want a reaction? Or do i just want people to admire?

Perception image form link above. Google mind storm!
I want to make CLOUDS.

The aim- Use the environment to recreate the enviroment. Sunography paper.
Im going to create sky.
So why the sky? Well its the only thing i know which can be two faced by its change in appearance
but yet be true to what it is.
Its just..sky.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Colour and Rain. Huddersfield.

The Light Garden. Huddersfield.

Window Gazing. Manchester.

All images developed using "Retro Camera" for Iphone.

Bill Major.

A selection of wide angle images by Photographer Bill Major.
Although he is not well known, his work has given me more drive to experiment with
different adaptations with my photography.
To experiment with different types of photography.

Falsefied Minds Eye. By Laura Llw. Poster. Display.

As this was a group project there was other aspects to the final display.
By thinking that the eye is the gateway to the soul and to the mind
Laura's Eye symbolises how this is deceived by reflecting
the eyes with a mirror. That its not actually a true image.
It is only what you see that is actually untrue.

Poster for course crit and an over all insight to the entire project.
The theory i had for this poster was to make it as simple and to the point as
possible, by relating it to the project in the most original way possible.
The layout of images including the eye, the apples and a still from the film piece
of a anorexia being a repetitive circle, have merged together to look overall human.
Considering the font and its context I used the idea of a creative recipe including
the ingredients for this particular personal success project.


Final Images.

This first image is the first representative of the two based on Personal success
and adapting it to the success an anorexic may feel.
This photograph shows, in a powerful sense the beginning.
Something so regular, and so normal seeing something that it is clearly not.
A physiological mirror image thats reflects lies.
The second part of the series.
As you read this photograph this one tells you the outcome of the fake reflection.
the apple has been eaten and become slimmer but yet its still seeing how it was before.
Through research and development it appears that the mind of an anorexic see's exactly what it wants to see.
Its a pattern of unbreakable thought that desperately
needs to recover.