Monday, 9 January 2012

Myyoung Ho Lee. Lens Culture.

Tree3. From the series Photography act 2007.
This photography/installation piece by South Korean photographer, Myyoung Ho Lee was created under
four acts. Firstly the selection of the subject. Separation of the subject. Photographing and lastly
the confirmation of the separation.  (Taken from the description towards her this work)
This collection of work has focused its self on collecting the natural out of its environment
the artificially putting it back.
It creates this illusion and pulls on the strings of nature itself. A powerful
source which he has twisted and tricked into only "looking" like nature.
The aspects which come to mine when looking at this photograph, is has he put it back? Or has he simply
imposted onto the landscape to trick it. Think of nature as an individual not just a source.

The Photography Act is as described-" The challenge of 'Photography-Act' is deep. Because 'Photography-Act' is not a real subject but a decontextualized and isolated variant from the subject, and is a real subject and nonsubject simultaneously." Ho Lee.
It is what it is basically. But at the same isn't.

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