Thursday, 5 January 2012

Falsefied Minds Eye. By Laura Llw. Poster. Display.

As this was a group project there was other aspects to the final display.
By thinking that the eye is the gateway to the soul and to the mind
Laura's Eye symbolises how this is deceived by reflecting
the eyes with a mirror. That its not actually a true image.
It is only what you see that is actually untrue.

Poster for course crit and an over all insight to the entire project.
The theory i had for this poster was to make it as simple and to the point as
possible, by relating it to the project in the most original way possible.
The layout of images including the eye, the apples and a still from the film piece
of a anorexia being a repetitive circle, have merged together to look overall human.
Considering the font and its context I used the idea of a creative recipe including
the ingredients for this particular personal success project.


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