Monday, 9 January 2012

Site Project.

At the end of the Autumn term, apart form being stupidly happy about the holidays,
we were given a brief, or more of a challenge, the site project.
I did find the brief a little mid boggling at first, but came to my conclusion
of responding to a specific site anywhere on the All Saints
Campus. I have kept myself awake for a few nights now, with my mind working over drive 
to decide what would be a simple, beautiful idea that would be possible in one
week. So alas! To tie in with my themed work media of photography, i made a
start to think of the possibilities i could do with this media.
I have become very loving to the idea of perception.
This caused another spider diagram to appear in my mind, and the need to
explore each idea individually became essential.
The mood of the work has become a point, humour? Something deep
and meaning full? Do i want a reaction? Or do i just want people to admire?

Perception image form link above. Google mind storm!
I want to make CLOUDS.

The aim- Use the environment to recreate the enviroment. Sunography paper.
Im going to create sky.
So why the sky? Well its the only thing i know which can be two faced by its change in appearance
but yet be true to what it is.

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