Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Altered Photographs. Bramhall Park.

Altered Photographs.
Digital Photograph on gloss paper.
Sunset Lens filter to represent change in atmosphere.
Dabbed with strong bleach to distress and withdraw colour.

Static Movement. Flick Book Experiment.

Apple Flick Book.
My first experimentation of creating movement in a simple yet effect
From using the apple stage photos i took earlier on through the project, i wanted to
use and create something that would be unique and interactive.
Even though my apples were on a black background,
i decided to remove this.
The apple appears more cartoon but also in more distress. it appears more
bold which i really liked.
Printed on to thicker, textured paper, i printed each stage off and secured
together on the right side with a straight sewing stitch. I found that this worked well but the book
over all is jumpy, like a ruined video tape. My next step from this would be to photograph in more stages
then develop other ideas to create more flip books.
I also think i will experiment with how the image appears as a still and incorporate my
printing technique into it, as i think the distress look relates well to the appearance of
rotting and decomposing.

Elephant Down.

Elephant-Life After Death.
Channel 4
I watched a stomach turning program on channel 4 a while back, which was about a team of
people who studied the decomposing of an elephant. A smiler program
about a whale was on previously, going inside the mammal,
but in relation to my project theme i gathered some inspiration from this elephant program.
It was amazing to see the elephant slowly turn into nothing
and to see the activity within the animal, and how it became a play ground
for maggots. The slow movement change and the rotting  gave me inspiration to
focus on a disappearance and to see how something changed naturally, creatively
or on purpose (a change we can make happen to objects)
Even though the program sickened me i though it was simply

(Direct link to the program)

(below, metro news review of program)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Paper Printing.

Printed picture constructed on photoshop. Covered in white acrylic
and pressed down onto parcel paper. Rubbed dry, and peeled apart.
Reverse image.
Fresh apple and Cracked apple.
Butterfly the motion and The apple Static motion.
Pencil crayon to colour butterfly, colour splash effect against the black and white apple.

Paper printing, same as previous process. Birds, biro, blues and yellow, greens for colour. Movement
technique, same stoke filling in the picture. Static movements.
Apple, different elements. Taken from my images. Paper printed and played with using biro, crayon and white
acrylic to high light areas.
Placing it creatively in stages to see a process.


Purple, Red, Blue and White Acrylic.
Biro drawing of Lilies. 


Study Drawings of a lily-Fine liner and
Pencil Crayon

Rose the colours of life and death-Water colour and
Sepia Ink

Texture Roses-ink, pen and tracing paper

The whole point of these quick studies, was to get a grip into the feel and colours
of what i was working with using different medias too interpret
my findings. I wanted to gain a little knowledge about the substance
Start Of creative work.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Vid. Life Size Zoetrope.

Vid. Zoetrope.

Old Motion.


Thinking about my images in motion reminded me of those old fashioned style movie wheels
that you used to spin to see the motion. After browsing i found out there are two type which evolved. This one
in particular is called a Zoetrope and was originally invented by William George Horner in roughly 1834.
They were a series of images inside a drum with all these cut out holes
to look through and you would see the animation
in motion. It later on became known as a Praxinscope as its design evolved.
The new Design was by a man called Charles-Emile Reynaud in 1877.
Unlike the Zoetrope the Praxinscope had a series of mirrors in the centre so you wouldn't have to
look through the tiny holes of the Zoetrop. The mirrors reflected the images on the outer part
whilst it would be rotating.
More thinking about old style motion and alternative ways other than using a video camera.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Time Lapses.

Experimenting with time lapses.
Photographing in different stages and displaying them together. I think its nice
how you can see it all together, as a piece. Very slick and clean.
Wanting to take this further, Create it into something...


Studio (My make shift studio)
Taking photographs of flowers in my room, using a sheet of black paper and my table lamb. Personally
I think this was a success. The gain knowledge of shape and texture.
Vibrance lowered on photoshop, shallow depth of field effect
creates a depth to the most simple photograph.

Time Lapses
I started to create images where the flowers would be in static growth.
Placing them side by side so your able to see the different stages of them growing.
Almost in a still like motion.
Or a still from a piece of film.
I really like the simple and most importantly effectiveness of this idea. Its perfect untouched.
Vibrance lowered on photoshop to accent the shadows.
Focused on the centre area of the flower. So its blurs, focuses and then gently
blurs again.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Im Feeling Creative!



Lucio Fontana, Waiting, 1960
Cut in Canvas.
Isn't it funny that the most simple change to something can create a huge impact. From a postcard i came
across at manchester art gallery.
Changes made on purpose influenced me to notice the changes we can't help but only admire. Although.
This particular piece won't evolve any further than what it already is.
Its static.

Nature Studies 1992, Pencil on canvas gloves.
Working with found objects from the streets of New York. I found this unique and in a state of its own.
The delicate fine art style images on the gloves represent a truce in the community but in relation to my
theme i find them nature based and taking matter into "your own hands" Forcing changes
and how we can change in relation to the world around us.
Altering things you find and making them something. Also made me think about different stages in
nature, growth and decomposing.

Inspirations. Altered Photography Karen Michel.

From a selection called "Altered Photographs" from here website.
Symbolic in the term escape, but i think crosses the line between man made and nature. Breaking the rules and  making nature into something else. Constructive and adorable.
Inspirational by taking these to forces and over lapping them like string.
Speaking of string...i lost mine.

Inspirations. Altered Photography By Tricia Mckeller.

Afternoon Sunlight and Lens Flare through the Trees, 24x30 Fine Art Photograph by Tricia McKellar

Adoring photography, natural and pure. Beautiful vintage and raw effect. Captures nature at its best. Its just simply beautiful. I have always loved alternative looking images and this example is a cut above the rest. Inspiration for changes in nature. 
Comforting and soft. The colours and the outline of the trees work hand in hand to create a depth like none before.

New Chapter. Time Lapses and Changes.

I lost all interest. And I was going to abandon it all. I even lost my piece of string.