Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Studio (My make shift studio)
Taking photographs of flowers in my room, using a sheet of black paper and my table lamb. Personally
I think this was a success. The gain knowledge of shape and texture.
Vibrance lowered on photoshop, shallow depth of field effect
creates a depth to the most simple photograph.

Time Lapses
I started to create images where the flowers would be in static growth.
Placing them side by side so your able to see the different stages of them growing.
Almost in a still like motion.
Or a still from a piece of film.
I really like the simple and most importantly effectiveness of this idea. Its perfect untouched.
Vibrance lowered on photoshop to accent the shadows.
Focused on the centre area of the flower. So its blurs, focuses and then gently
blurs again.

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