Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Static Movement. Flick Book Experiment.

Apple Flick Book.
My first experimentation of creating movement in a simple yet effect
From using the apple stage photos i took earlier on through the project, i wanted to
use and create something that would be unique and interactive.
Even though my apples were on a black background,
i decided to remove this.
The apple appears more cartoon but also in more distress. it appears more
bold which i really liked.
Printed on to thicker, textured paper, i printed each stage off and secured
together on the right side with a straight sewing stitch. I found that this worked well but the book
over all is jumpy, like a ruined video tape. My next step from this would be to photograph in more stages
then develop other ideas to create more flip books.
I also think i will experiment with how the image appears as a still and incorporate my
printing technique into it, as i think the distress look relates well to the appearance of
rotting and decomposing.

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