Thursday, 14 April 2011

Old Motion.


Thinking about my images in motion reminded me of those old fashioned style movie wheels
that you used to spin to see the motion. After browsing i found out there are two type which evolved. This one
in particular is called a Zoetrope and was originally invented by William George Horner in roughly 1834.
They were a series of images inside a drum with all these cut out holes
to look through and you would see the animation
in motion. It later on became known as a Praxinscope as its design evolved.
The new Design was by a man called Charles-Emile Reynaud in 1877.
Unlike the Zoetrope the Praxinscope had a series of mirrors in the centre so you wouldn't have to
look through the tiny holes of the Zoetrop. The mirrors reflected the images on the outer part
whilst it would be rotating.
More thinking about old style motion and alternative ways other than using a video camera.

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