Monday, 31 October 2011

Mr Snail.

SLR Slow shutter speed.
Light Trails.
Mr Snail.
The longer the shutter speed. The more time you have to create an actual picture.
Common sense really. 


"Amber Glow."

Silver Polaroid 600 Film.
Through out my creative practice Polaroid has become a curiosity to me.
Its lived up to its expectations. I feel i have only scratched the surface to endless of
different things i could do with this unique film.
This is experimenting with low light. The images appear
ghostly and unsettling. Only where the light bounces off the subject is where it
is visible to see the subject. The lighter/darker layers to the image create depth.
Different colours in the room are picked up to create a different lighting experience. (1) Red effect.
Distressed and Bizarre.


Gypsy Head. 17/10/11
Acrylic in Journal.
The gypsy head tattoo is one of the oldest "old skool" styles of tattoos.
They are very beautiful and often coincide with the Mexican "Day of the dead" skull.
They are considered to be good look and represent something
very spiritual and unique. 
Colour Polaroid of Gypsy.
Another piece of work in itself, develops the medium.
Blurred and mysterious.
I adore the tones that this film produces.
600 film.

Liverpool Trip. 13th October 2011.
The rope walks.
A walk of unique cafes, shops and art.
AND Festival.
Tate Gallery.
(1) Dorothy Cross "Virgin Shroud" 1993 Cowhide, muslin, silk and satin. Inspiring the perception of women and the role of women. Looking at the female influence through the female family tree. Inspiration for "Success" project of "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Anorexia." Haunting and chilling piece. Has all the elements of gruesome history and the battle of equal rights for women.
Tate Gallery.
(2) Gilbert and George "Post Card Sculpture" 1974 Mixed media, and displayed in a format to show mental scapes and visual language. Communicates visually and vocally. Sometimes pieces become stronger in a sense depending on how they are shown to the public. Its all about interaction people!

Interactive Arts II

Make a Survival kit.
Summer Project.
To survive the moon! Made from various food packaging and paper-mache.
Kit displays an emergency rocket, a map, a fridge, emergency air and a box of crackers.
I highly dislike being places i don't know or not familiar with...i suppose this is the extreme of
that fear. 

When You Can't Find A Canvas?

And a night of boredom.
Over the summer i have been taking in more appreciation for the art of tattooing and tattooing
as an art. The use of needles instead of a paintbrush to create a master piece. But what about using a paintbrush to create
the tattoo. This is a classic carp painting on skin using acrylic. Thinking about process, the
media itself applies like a dream and then take on a distressed form. As the piece dries its starts to fall apart.
The exciting way to watch paint dry.
A process that last from start to finish.