Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Elephant Down.

Elephant-Life After Death.
Channel 4
I watched a stomach turning program on channel 4 a while back, which was about a team of
people who studied the decomposing of an elephant. A smiler program
about a whale was on previously, going inside the mammal,
but in relation to my project theme i gathered some inspiration from this elephant program.
It was amazing to see the elephant slowly turn into nothing
and to see the activity within the animal, and how it became a play ground
for maggots. The slow movement change and the rotting  gave me inspiration to
focus on a disappearance and to see how something changed naturally, creatively
or on purpose (a change we can make happen to objects)
Even though the program sickened me i though it was simply

(Direct link to the program)

(below, metro news review of program)

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