Monday, 11 April 2011

Lucio Fontana, Waiting, 1960
Cut in Canvas.
Isn't it funny that the most simple change to something can create a huge impact. From a postcard i came
across at manchester art gallery.
Changes made on purpose influenced me to notice the changes we can't help but only admire. Although.
This particular piece won't evolve any further than what it already is.
Its static.

Nature Studies 1992, Pencil on canvas gloves.
Working with found objects from the streets of New York. I found this unique and in a state of its own.
The delicate fine art style images on the gloves represent a truce in the community but in relation to my
theme i find them nature based and taking matter into "your own hands" Forcing changes
and how we can change in relation to the world around us.
Altering things you find and making them something. Also made me think about different stages in
nature, growth and decomposing.

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