Wednesday, 29 February 2012

{EVOLVE} @ Antwerp Mansion. Jan-Feb 2012.

Evolve at Antwerp Mansion. One of the best experiences I have had this year so far. The Art/Music event was an event curated by third year students to help raise money for their degree show. The submissions were open to all years, and I was thrilled to be a part of it. I got to grips with helping to promote the event by flyering and also selling tickets, also by manning the stall on the night of the event. The call for submissions were based on the theme evolve, because of the evolution of the venue. Even from start to finish I witnessed the transformation from venue to gallery. The experience was amazing. I enjoyed working with new people and trying my hand at my first out of Uni exhibit. 
Polaroid. 600 film. Derelict Environments. Growth and Evolve in Reverse.  6 prints. Float Mounted. (will eventually put bigger pictures of the prints on...) I started to shoot in black and white, but decided to switch to colour as you were able to witness more detail within the small frame. Polaroid only gives you so much to work with ya'no...
My final Pieces for Evolve. Set of Polaroids of derelict enviroments. Thinking of evolve as a period of time in reverse. Focusing on the backwards effects of growth and evolution. Colour Prints 600 film. You wouldn't believe the effort i went through for these images. Includes Antwerp Mansion, Huddersfield and Manchester locations.

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