Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Its come to my attention that "REAL photographers" have more loath towards the Iphone app-Hipstamatic than if a tractor ran over their precious SLR. After entering the BIG Hipstamatic contest, based on hope and finishing 13th, i have found the overall opinion of the app available to download, as some what illegal. Personally i have my experience with digital, classic black and white, and alternative exploring ways to creating an image,I can't understand the difference between an automatic filter or the one that someone would Photoshop in after? Is it because the Iphone isn't a manual camera? I found a really interesting story based on a photojournalist called, Damon Winter, who created a series of award winning images using the app in Afghanistan with the American troops. These images created such a controversy from photographers, who i think feel threatened by such technology. Surely there is more to the image other than what equipment you use, I strongly believe, being a fan of Hipstamatic or even if i was not, that the true talent comes from the photographer...Not the equipment.
Damon Winter.
Each photograph is beautifully constructed in the sense of composition and depth.  Resources below follow some stories about the controversial photographs. I believe technology is forever going to be evolved. Capture with what you have in your pocket or what you can get your hands on. You will sure cause a stir.

One of my own prints. Evolve.Lens: John SFilm: BlankoFlash: Off
"Does it really matter what camera Damon Winter used to make these beautifully composed images? Few people care what kind of typewriter Hemingway used." 

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