Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zee - Kurt Hentschläger.

This is back dating to last year, I realised five seconds ago that I had forgotten to express my view and give an evaluation of Zee.
Zee by Kurt Hentschläger. ZEE (2008) is an audiovisual installation for artificial fog, stroboscopes, pulse lights and a synchronized sound-scape by Kurt Hentschläger (Austria/USA)

As part as the Liverpool trip last year (2011) I also visited the FACT Gallery to not really view but to experience this "near death experience". Even though it has been some time since I experienced this happening, I still feel like I can't put the whole experience into words only into muddled sentences. On entering Zee, I was asked to fill in a form to show that I was entering at my own risk, also the prep talk by one of the gallery employes made me feel extremely nervous. 
On entering the black, thick, filled foggy room I guided my hand onto the rope to my right and proceeded to walk deeper and deeper into what only could be described as a medley of flashing lights and smoke. Every step I took felt as if I was entering deeper and deeper into something that I couldn't explain. Each rhythm of geometric patterned light that was forcing its way into my mind made me feel as if I wasn't properly there. Like I was somewhere else, like I had been eaten by this fog and that I had vanished. It can only be described as an experience. Nothing more and nothing less.

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  1. I visited ZEE in November and your description is so true! It's amazing!

    Kurt Hentschläger has a new exhibition opening on 23rd March at Enginuity one of the ten Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Shropshire. The exhibition is called CORE and runs until 30th September 2012. Watch a clip of it here:

    There is also a blog here on Blogger which will be uploading timelapse photography from next week of the installation of the exhibition and there is a Twitter and Facebook page too- just search Ironbridge CORE. :)