Wednesday, 29 February 2012

ECA & MMU Exchange Project. (Ongoing)

Oliver Benton. (ECA) Wed 8th Feb 2012
I am currently involved in an exchange project with several other students from my course and other students attending ECA in Scotland. The idea of the project is that you are paired in a partner, and that you with digitally send work to one another so the other can respond to it how he or she pleases. This was the first image i received from my partner, Oliver Benton which automatically made me think of the powerful mixture of light and colour in response to his image which i interpreted into a theme of light and pattern. 
My Response. (MMU) Wed 15th Feb 2012
Oliver Benton. (ECA) Wed 22nd Feb 2012
My Response. (MMU) Wednesday 29th Feb 2012

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