Friday, 6 April 2012

Emulsion Lift For 600 Film. Polaroid.

Silver Shade Lift. 
Colour Lift.
These unique pieces was an experiment to settle my curiosity of the process.  Carefully trim the frame of your polaroid and soak it in boiling hot water, until you witness the transparent part of the picture slowly edge away from the gooey bit that has your picture on it. The aim is to then transfer this gooey bit to luke warm water. using a very soft paintbrush, you can open the gooey layer out to see your image, simply slide water colour paper underneath the gooey bit, and tease it into a square. You have to be so delicate with this process, and it takes a little time, and a few attempts to perfect it, but the end result is so worth it.  Here are two examples, one black and white and one colour. Im in love with this technique. Just need my loan to buy more film and i am ready to roll. Every result is unique and every print that turns out right makes you more eager to do it again and again. Stunning texture and tone. Its like mixing photography with my passion for messy art.
Link below will probably give you better instructions that me.

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