Monday, 4 October 2010

A Summer Full Of Games

To make University even more nerve racking than it already was, over the summer me and other students on my course were asked to produce an "Ice Breaker" game. I spent most of the summer thinking broadly about inventing a game that wouldn't seem dull.

After much thought, just two days before, I decided to go with a simple game my mother used to play with me when I was younger.
Draw a squiggle and make it your own. I thought that this would be successful in the fact that it said alot about me. Unpredictable.

Reviewing the game after it had been played, I was chuffed with the over all outcome. People were laughing, and getting creative in what they could interpret and produce.
Normally I dislike the forceful feeling of getting to know brand new people, but I truely enjoyed the afternoon. It was intriguing too see what other people had invented and made. It gave a kick start to the next three years. Now im looking forward to every new experience that comes my way.


  1. sorry..was it too nerve racking..
    How can I make it easier?

  2. i think it maybe just a personal thing =] forceful interaction with new people makes e nervous!

  3. I know what you mean..perhaps we should get you to all get together on facebook over the summer?
    or write letters...

  4. i love writing letters! i think as time progresses itll get better. its just very different from college where my whole class was a massive group of friends, and now its different.